About Us

Tai Yang Hong Healthy Products Supply is one of the largest Singapore based manufacturer for top quality traditional Herbal Jelly/龟苓膏 & Bird’s Nest/燕窝, with almost 20 years of experience, history and heritage. Our products meet high Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) standards in operation and regulation set by various government authorities from both local and oversea requirements.

We customize, made to order and produces Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) Herbal Jelly/Birds’ Nest in wide range according to suppliers and customers needs and special requirement.

Major Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) retail-chains/Hyper-markets/Airlines/ Hotels/Restaurants/Retail-shops/Country-clubs and even Casinos and Resorts carry or OEM our products.

We provide customized products for – Corporate gifts hamper/Corporate anniversary dinner door gifts/Hotels’ VVIPs door gifts/Wedding gifts/Festive gifts/Baby shower gifts/Exclusive private parties/Functions/Airline Business Class/etc.

Herbal Jelly/龟苓膏: 12 months Shelf life/No addition of preservatives, stabilizer, artificial flavouring & colouring/Retort and sterilization/No refrigeration required/Foilsealed and Polypropylene bowl packed/ Ready-to-consume. [Available size: 110g, 200g]

Birds’ Nest/燕窝: 30 or 36 months Shelf life/No addition of preservatives, stabilizer, artificial flavouring and colouring/Retort and sterilization/No refrigeration required/ Cap-sealed and glass bottle packed/ Ready-to-consume. [Available size: 75g, 150g, 230g]

Our products can be stored at room temperature in a cool and no direct sunlight area without refrigeration. It is recommended to be consumed when chilled or warmed. Do refrigerate upon opening seal and consume within 24hrs.